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BBQ, Alfresco & Braai Special


Presented by Jules Serkin, our  #BBQ #Alfresco & #Braai special with me @MrHariCovert guests Butcher sausage maker,Ron Etheridge, @Vfsausages, Laura Fisher, @WoodsmokeSalt – & chef   @PetrusMad , Petrus Madutlela talking #SouthAfrica Master of the #Braai.

Chocolate Special


With Julian Lucas (left) from So Free Chocolate, Emma Jackman (middle) from Conscious Chocolate, and ME, Jules Serkin!

Listen to the full show below:

World of Whiskey


“With me in the studio is Jamie MacDonald, he is the Dark Spirits Advocate at Bacardi UK, JAMIE represents

all of Bacardi’s whisky brands in the UK, talking us through some of those SHAKEN NOT STIRRED –

Later on we will catch up with Findlay Ross from Cadenhead’s, Scotland’s oldest independent Whisky bottler…and he will be telling us all about the whiskies they produce & market around the world – BOURBON –from Kentucky !  JOHN WAYNE ? Native American Indians – Corn surplass , illegally made, & made a fortune in days of  Prohibition of course!

And finally we will be speaking to Rupert Patrick, CEO of Whisky Invest Direct- a  new online marketplace that enables private investors to buy & sell many different Scotch whiskies early on in the maturation process, while the spirit is still in the barrel. …”

Listen to it all HERE